Kristina Korbs aka Korr-A

Kristina Korbs, also known as Korr-A, is a music artist and entrepreneur who has always lived a very active life. She is also a performer, model, and movie producer. She has always played sports, danced and loves to travel to places she has never been before. She loves her family and loves animals more than humans :) In 2013, her song”Fiyacraka” reached #18 on the Billboard Dance Club Charts, #12 on UK's Music Week Commercial Pop Charts, and #7 on the DJ Times National Dance/Crossover Charts. Be sure to check out her interview and music video below!

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Korbs shares her ACL experience

Can you share your ACL story?

I completely tore my ACL playing basketball in the backyard of a friends house. I was so competitive that once it happened I got back into the game despite the extreme pain - but then it popped again so I had to stop. I’ve never had any issues or tears prior, but my knees had been grinding for about a year from being so active all of my life. My doctor says I’m most likely going to have arthritis. So I had a cadaver graft put in to reconstruct my ACL. This was not something I ever expected to be going through.

What is the hardest part of the recovery experience?

The hardest part of the recovery for me was the mental aspect of it. I couldn’t be active or move in the way that I wanted to. I am currently 9 months out and I still can’t perform the way I desire to. It made and still makes me quite sad to think about it. I have to be very careful and cautious, because the recovery is delicate and takes a lot of patience and dedication.

How did you stay motivated during the recovery?

I stayed motivated by doing my best and not giving up. There are good days and bad days. Some days I almost feel normal, and others I wake up with a limp. I feel blessed to have had an amazing surgeon and that there were no complications. I have full range of motion which others struggle with - so that helps me understand that I am going to be ok.

What advice would you share with other athletes?

The advice I would give is tackle your rehab quickly and aggressively. Work on it everyday and push yourself. I was able to see results really quickly because of this and jump ahead of my recovery schedule early on. The more you do in the beginning - the easier it will be later on. It’s not easy and it will hurt, but just remember that it will feel better.

Do you think this experience has changed you as a person?

Yes I definitely think that this has changed me. I’ve become slightly more cautious, and more aware of my body and the things that could hurt it. I take my time now with warming up and listen to my body. If I’ve gone to far, I will stop. But this is all a part of my journey - and I have learned a lot from it.

Thank you Kristina for sharing your story and helping to inspire athletes across the globe!

Check out her music video: KORR-A - FIYACRAKA