'mindset' behind 'XCLevation' design

XCLevation Blue Logo.png

"XCLevation" is pronounced "excel-evation". When XCLevation was initially created, it focused on ACL injuries. If you're familiar with ACL anatomy, the "X" represents the reconstructed ACL crossing the PCL. The "three horizontal bars" represents the idea of raising the bar in setting new goals to achieve milestones in your recovery, and taking the next step towards achieving them. The letter "X" in the "XCL" acronym represents a variable, as XCL includes ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL knee injuries.

If you look closely at the letters "EV", you will notice that the E is slanted towards the V, so that the two letters unite to form an "N", resulting in "XCL NATION", which represents the community of athletes. 

The overall XCLevation logo serves as a reminder to "Excel (XCL)" in overcoming obstacles for "elevation (L-evation)" of potential and "acceleration (XCLeration)" of recovery.


As you know, a positive mindset plays a significant role in the journey towards an ACL comeback. Maintaining a positive attitude throughout the recovery season can improve self-discipline and compliance to rehab protocols, resulting in successful outcomes and improved mental game. 

The mindset design is intended to be read as "mindset raised to the power of positivity elevates game" (the plus sign is an exponent representing positivity) - another key reminder during recovery.


The XCLevation Jersey was designed to represent being part of a "new" team (of athletes post-injury), despite being sidelined on the team that you may have been on (pre-injury). The "1" on the back of the shirt represents a "bone-tendon-bone" (patellar-tendon graft) - one of the more common grafts used in ACL reconstruction

XCL tshirt (blur).png