perspectives - SEPTEMBER 2018 

opportunity amidst adversity


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After the heart shattering incident, I knew I was in for a very long and hard recovery process. Athletes, friends and family before me had been through the injury and the recovery; so I knew it wasn't going to be the easiest battle to take on.

Once the physical pain was gone a few days post accident, I began to notice the mental struggle that became more apparent the more I saw the specialists and the longer I was out of my usual training.

I am now a year post the injury and 11 months from the operation. The process has been long and difficult to get to the physical and mental point I am at today, but I don't take the small things for granted any more. This injury has taught me that there is so much more to the physical and mental aspect of being a competitive athlete and performer. I have really learnt to appreciate the support networks that I have and the abilities I now have after being without these things. My sister had just gotten back into her first season back competitive cheerleading and dancing when I tore my ACL so she was a huge support for me through the whole process, along with fellow team members and coaches who were able to reassure me that I was going to make it back to training once the rehab had played it course.

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I'm now very appreciative for the opportunity to help other dancers, athletes and performers going through the same difficult process, as I was given throughout my recovery. I love that this experience has really opened my eyes to many aspects of myself, my training and general life lessons that I couldn't have learnt any other way. It has become very important to me to help, support and guide others through such a rough process.

My friend & fellow dancer Cassie Brown had done the same injury as me a few months after I was recovering from surgery and I'm glad I was able to support her through it and just be the shoulder to lean on when she needed it the most. I have learned that anything is possible, even when things are going great, something can really get in-between, change the path, but it can still work out in your favour!

My advice to other athletes going through the process of the ACL reconstruction, would be to take the time you have to fully recover, don't rush it; and to use this time as an opportunity to search for something that you've never done before or look for something that will be beneficial for you later while you have the time out of training! You can do it!

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