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motivational spotlight of the week: Kyle Schwarber


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Welcome to our motivational spotlight of the week feature, where each week, we will look at one professional athlete that has overcome a big injury and continued to perform at the highest level. We hope that these stories will help inspire you in your own recoveries to come back stronger than ever!

Our next feature will shine the spotlight on Kyle Schwarber, left fielder and former catcher for the Chicago Cubs.


The Cubs took Kyle Schwarber 4th overall in the 2014 draft, and many considered him to be a polished hitter capable of contributing in the big leagues right away. He was part of a young, promising core of Cubs that were being tasked with the mission of breaking a 108-year championship drought.

In 2015, the Cubs made it back to the playoffs and Schwarber had a great year after being called up, posting a .842 OPS splitting time between catcher and the outfield. Both Kyle and the Cubs entered 2016 with all the promise in the world as the Cubs were widely considered one of the best teams in the league.


In just the second game of the 2016 season, Schwarber collided with fellow outfielder Dexter Fowler when trying to field a ball, and tore both his ACL and LCL in the accident. Just like that, he was expected to miss the season, putting a stop to what was expected to be a promising season for the young slugger before it even had a chance to really begin.


This turned into one of the most magical stories in sports history. Schwarber worked hard in his rehab, with an eye on trying to make it back to join his teammates for a World Series push. The Cubs played inspired baseball for their fallen teammate, and their talent and depth came through as they won their division and pushed forward in the post-season, making it to the World Series. Word started to come out that Schwarber might actually be ready for the World Series, just 7 short months after his accident, and he made it back against all odds for the opener against the Cleveland Indians. With the games in Cleveland under AL rules allowing Schwarber to act as the designated hitter, the Cubs put him out there. Kyle put together a great series, racking up 7 hits and even stealing a base as the Cubs took home the championship for the first time in 108 years, capping off a true storybook ending for both Kyle and his team.