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motivational spotlight of the week: Tom Brady


Motivational Spotlight of the Week – Tom Brady

Welcome to our motivational spotlight of the week feature, where each week, we will look at one professional athlete that has overcome a big injury and continued to perform at the highest level. We hope that these stories will help inspire you in your own recoveries to come back stronger than ever!

Our first feature will be a guy that everyone knows all about, the New England Patriots’ ageless wonder, Tom Brady.

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Tom Terrific was already well on his way to a Hall of Fame career prior to the 2007 season, with 3 Super Bowl rings under his belt and a reputation as a big game quarterback but the argument was that he was a game manager for a stacked team, someone who just wasn’t asked to do too much because it wasn’t needed.

The counterargument to that back then was that Brady never truly had weapons to work with, never having paired with a truly elite wide receiver. Then came 2007 and the Patriots went out and got future Hall of Famer Randy Moss along with Wes Welker, who developed into an elite possession receiver and the Patriots offence set multiple records en route to a perfect season before falling in the Super Bowl to the New York Giants.


New England returned mostly the same team in 2008 and were expected to run it back and avenge their Super Bowl defeat, but they lost their leader in the first game of the regular season when Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard ran into Brady’s knee, causing the quarterback to tear his ACL and miss the entire 2008 season.

The Patriots ended up going 11-5 with a backup QB and missed the playoffs in a very top heavy AFC that year, and questions surrounded Brady all offseason not only about whether he could come back, but also if he was a product of the Patriots system since his backup Matt Cassell still had a stellar season in relief.


You all already know how this one ends, as Tom has continued to be terrific all the way through the ensuing decade. Since his return, he’s only made 9 consecutive Pro Bowls, 2 MVP awards, made 3 All-Pro teams, and made 3 more Super Bowls, winning 2.

The Patriots have continued to be an exemplary organization and their leader has been a big part of why, and Brady has more than answered every question the doubters had on his way to become the consensus greatest quarterback of all time. Brady has more elite seasons post-ACL tear than pre, and is one example of someone who not only came back, but came back stronger than ever.