perspectives - november 2018 

the emotional rollercoaster through five knee surgeries

athlete: stephie meyer

check out her website here // connect with her on ig: @stephie_meyer

Stephie Meyer, 28-year old, is a former electrical engineer turned fashion stylist living in Seattle, Washington. She played competitive soccer her entire life and into college, where she was asked to walk-on and join Purdue’s Division I program. Following college, she coached high school girls soccer both at the club and school level for 4 years. Coaching and connecting with players is something that a knee injury can't stop her from doing and she has found it to be one of her most rewarding soccer experiences. 

Stephie shares her story and raw emotions of the experience through the recovery. She opens up about the mental side of the injury and the thought of having to give up the game of soccer a lot sooner than she would have ever thought. All of the emotions that come through in the video sum up how she has felt throughout all 5 of her knee surgeries. The frustration, the angst, the physical and psychological toll, the loss, and also the fight and the courage to get through things one would never expect to experience once - let alone multiple times. 

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