Travis King is a former track and field athlete with a passion for football. After tearing his MCL and feeling defeated and frustrated, he pushed through the weeks of rehab, and made an incredible comeback.


"During my Sophomore Season at Moravian College, I suffered my first ever knee-injury. At first I thought it was one of those moments where I could take a few plays off then get back in the game. I soon realized that this was not the case and that I would be sidelined for the next 6 weeks.

I suffered a grade 3 MCL tear that left me feeling defeated. I went to rehab every single day and began to grow frustrated that I could no longer do simple things on my own. Going to the bathroom, taking a shower, and even getting to class were things that once were so easy, but became so difficult.

My football team was also struggling at the time of the season, with a 2-4 record; our post-season hopes looked slim at best. I was not 100% by any means, but with the assistance of a DonJoy knee brace, I was able to return to action against Juanita college feeling about 70%.

Long story short, we ended up winning out the season, which led to an invitation to participate in the 2010 ECAC Division III Southeast Bowl Championship Game. When the Championships came around, we ended up beating Wilkes 26-14. This capped off one of the toughest and most memorable seasons of my athletic career.

Although I felt defeated on my road to recovery, I battled through adversity and mental frustration to get back to the top of my game towards the end of the season.

I learned a few lessons on my road to recovery - the main one being mental toughness. I had to tell myself everyday that I would return to the field and we would make something of this dismal season. We sometimes endure things in life and in sports that seem impossible to overcome. However, these are the moments that shape us into successful human beings. Without the help of my training staff, teammates, and friends, I’m not sure that I would have been able to get through it the way that I did.

If you put your head down and make it a mission to recover, I believe you can overcome any setback that you will face in life. I would love to hear about other people who have also been through a similar tough time in their athletic career, and invite you to share your stories with us here."

- TK #30