THE Vision

to positively redefine the recovery experience

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XCLevation (pronounced "excel-evation") is an organization dedicated to inspiring, educating, and connecting athletes across the globe. Whether you have experienced an injury personally or have a friend or family member recovering from one, the XCLevation Community is the place for you.

By reframing your perspective, taking advantage of the educational and inspirational resources available, embracing the experience, and becoming part of the XCLevation Community, you can elevate mental game for a more positive recovery experience.


inspiration - education - connection



optimism / motivation / self-discipline

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(1) optimism:
hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of the injury recovery


(2) motivation
the general desire or willingness of the athlete to stick to rehab training in order to achieve a comeback


(3) self-discipline
the ability to control the athletes' feelings and overcome weaknesses


"mindset" behind the "XCLevation" design

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"XCLevation" is pronounced "excel-evation".

When XCLevation was first created, it was focused on ACL injuries. If you're familiar with ACL anatomy, the "X" represents the reconstructed ACL crossing the PCL. The "three horizontal bars" represents the idea of raising the bar in setting new goals to achieve milestones in your recovery, and taking the next step towards achieving them.  The letter "X" in the "XCL" acronym represents a variable, as XCL includes ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL knee injuries. Learn more about the meaning behind the logo.